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The best 2020 Street Art

Jan. 4, 2021
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The Urvanity team has reviewed some of the 2020 favorite murals. Some of them have been chosen for the message, others for the technique, others for pure aesthetics, color and beauty and others for the promise of what these artists will soon have to say. Nelio, Broken Fingaz, Daniel Muñoz, Gleo, Eltono… are some of the twenty murals we have set out to highlight. We toast to the walls that 2021 will bring us… We’ll be looking forward to it!


Elisa Capdevila, “Noche”. Sant Joan d’Alacant, Alicante, Spain for La Tapia Fest.


Gleo, “Let Bloom”. In São Paulo, Brazil for Nalata Festival.


Fintan Magee, “Shadow”. In Newcastle, Australia for The Big Picture Fest.


Manolo Mesa, in Ordes, Galicia for Desordes Creativas festival curated by Mutante Creativo.


Broken Fingaz, “This Is Also Temporary”. In Jerusalem, Israel for Walls Festival.


Mona Caron, in Versailles, Paris, curated by Quai 36 for 1096 Project.


Escif, “Infinita Hyuro”. In Valencia in memoriam of the artist, who passed away last November.


Colectivo Licuado, “Las aguaderas”. In Vigo, Galicia for Vigo Cidade De Cor festival.


Black Lives Matter, collaborative painter floor in Washington D.C.

Cinta Vidal. In Ordes, Galicia for Desordes Creativas festival, curated by Mutante Creativo.


Alberto Montes, in Geldo, Castellón, Spain, for the 5th edition of ImaginArte Festival.


Nelio, “2006250942”. Mural in Rouen for Rouen Impressionnée curated by Oliver Landes for Art En Ville.


Daniel Muñoz, at Al Qazeres High School in Cáceres, Spain curated by Julio C. Vázquez Ortiz.


Leon Keer, “Safe House”. In Morlaix, France for MX29 festival.


Aryz, “Violeta”. Mural also in Versailles, France curated by Quai 36.


Eltono, “Modo n.°39”. In Heerlen, Netherlands.


D*FACE, “It’s all in the eyes”. In Lisbon, Portugal for JF Parque das Nações.


Grip Face,”Les Obstacles générationnels”. In Palma de Mallorca, Spain.


Felipe Pantone, “Chromadynamica para Valencia” the Fine Arts faculty at Universidad Politécnica de Valencia curated by Juan Bautista Peiró.


Iker Muro ‘Mur0ne’. Sports court in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, in the same neighborhood where the artist grew up.