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Projects to make you fall in love with public art

Sept. 12, 2022
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There is nothing like taking your daily route to work and being surprised by something that was not there the day before. You then ask yourself: What is this? How did this get here? And mostly: Who is behind this? Public Art is meant to have this effect on us, installations that appear overnight and provoke a sense of curiosity towards the piece, unexpected corners of the city are filled with creations that redefine its identity. 


However, the truth is that public art pieces do not appear magically, there are numerous artists, collections and organizations that devote themselves to this type of expression and strive to engage new audiences with Contemporary Art.


We ourselves in UVNT are major fans of these projects, so much so that we have Urvanity Projects where we connect brilliant artists with creative public art projects.


We have gathered four Public Art Projects from this last month that will make you fall in love with this amusing type of expression, check them out!


Chart Art Fair at Tivoli Park

Copenhagen, Denmark.


This past August 2022 marked the 10th celebratory edition of Chart Art Fair in Copenhaguen and they decided to celebrate it with the iconic amusement Tivoli Park, by creating site-specific installations that put in value the local creative scene. More than 15 artists have participated with their art and the main goal of Chart was to create an art fair that was more accessible to the general public. “Artists will consider their work in a new context, collectors and art professionals can see art in a new venue, and visitors to Tivoli will get a whole different kind of roller coaster ride” says Nanna Hjortenberg, director of Chart.



Festival Concentrico 

Logroño, Spain.


Concéntrico is the International Festival of Architecture and Design of Logroño that annually proposes to reflect on the urban environment and the city. The Festival, celebrated in the Spanish wine province of La Rioja,  invites visitors to explore the city through installations, exhibitions, meetings and activities that propose new collective uses, strengthening the idea of community in public space.⁠


This year the focus was on ​​the idea of the domestic, identity, ecology and social commitment in locations that connect us with new landscapes. “To transfer local and international debates to public spaces in order to transform it into an issue that is close to citizens” stated Javier Peña Ibañez in UVNT Mahou Talks 2022.


Forest Fantasy by Greenlife Foundation 

Ognon, France.


Greenlife Foundation believes that through the power of art they can raise awareness on the perseverance of forests, this idea came to life this past August with Forest Fantasy.


“Forest Fantasy” was an invitation to explore a beautiful world made more vivid by an outdoor immersive multimodal creative adventure a “Gesamtkunstwerk” that appeals to all five of our senses, a singular encounter that was satisfying, full of new information and feelings. More than 20 artists created an extraordinary experience for all attendees.


Middelburg, Netherlands.


This contemporary art festival celebrated in Middelburg strives to analyze the degree to which displays or other visual representations—facades—mask such freedoms. Whilst creating a route through the city, anyone that takes a stroll through Middelburg can be surprised by the installations of the 15 participating artists who will take over the city until November. One of our top picks from FAÇADE 2022 is Erwin Wurm, who created a living room made up of 70’s second-hand furniture on the side of a building. Here some other of our top picks also click here to discover the map!