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Burning Man 2022 Art Installations

Sept. 23, 2022
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Once a year, the dry landscape of the Nevada desert becomes an ephemeral city. More than 70.000 people settle during a week and become witnesses of the construction and destruction of Black Rock City, a place that explores the limits of the creative human mind.


Full of artistic installations and performances, this year’s art motto was “Walking Dream” which sought to “explore the transformative power of dreams, both literal and figurative, and celebrate the dreamers who channel this potent energy in eye-opening, often surrealistic, sometimes life-changing ways”.


Behind this approach, Black Rock City also has a strong “leave no trace” policy, which means that the Nevada Desert has to be left the way it was found. Participants must then be responsible for all the shipping of materials and the construction and deconstruction of the artistic installation on site.


We have gathered the most impressive and breathtaking installations from this edition: