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When Contemporary Art and Fashion meet

Sept. 28, 2022
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With galleries filling up with fresh proposals to commence fall, September represents in art the beginning of a new exhibition season. In other creative disciplines, it is nor any different, this is the case of the fashion industry. This month is widely known as the moment of celebration of Fashion Week in the big four: London, New York, Milan and Paris, when the Spring/Summer collections are presented. 


Fashion week is a non-stop frenetic seven days that motivate designers in creating breathtaking runways in order to stand out among other projects. Runways become the idyllic passway for designers to run-free their imagination by exploring the limits of expression through avant-garde. Not only is the collection the main focus, but also the form it is presented, the space it is presented in and how the attendees interact.


With the goal of making an impression and striking within fashion week, many designers join with artists in order to elaborate a powerful and striking scenography that puts into manifestation the most contemporary forms of expression and fuse various artistic disciplines.


In honor of fashion week, we wanted to take a look back at the most iconic scenographies in runways, settings that act as in-situ pieces and have shaped the evolution of fashion and contemporary art.


But first, let’s start with this year’s honorable mentions:


Diesel did not cease to surprise when presenting their Summer Spring 2023 collection with this gigantic inflatable by Studio Denniss Vanderbroeck, which actually won the Guinness World Record for the biggest inflatable sculpture in history.


Another must-see of these year’s Fashion month is the astounding Bottega Veneta’s Spring Summer 2023 show that took place in colorful resin-covered space by italian architect Gaetano Pesce.


Now, let’s look back at the most iconic scenographies from the last years.