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A new public art space in Madrid.

Urvanity Projects has curated an ambitious public art project that will turn the north of the city into the epicenter of the latest art. Caleido hosts a free and open to all proposal that includes works by some of the most important artists -national and international- of the moment. The New Yorker Maya Hayuk (pioneer of urban art and abstraction), the Madrid artists Boamistura and SpY, the Berliner Topic Tomislav (from the duo Quintessenz), the Brazilian Thiago Mazza or the Swiss Lukas Ulmi, are some of the creators who have created works in situ. Caleido is the new shopping and leisure area of Madrid's Financial District and one of the most important real estate developments in the capital.

In Madrid there is a history of public space dedicated to art. In 1972, the first public art project was inaugurated with the Open Air Sculpture Museum, which presented 17 large sculptures as an example of the art of the time. Just two kilometers away, on the Paseo de la Castellana, the installations, murals and sculptures present in Caleido are the testimony of a new generation of artists that today are breaking molds, breaking frontiers. It is the art of our times. There are 11 installations that take over the open-air public spaces in this new business complex called Cuatro Torres Business Area.

An open space where art comes to life and interacts with the city, opened from September 29th, seven diverse murals from artists Thiago Mazza, Maya Hayuk, Sabek, Boa Mistura, Agostino Iacurci, Bordalo and Moneyless, four sculptures by Topic Tomislav, SpY, Nano4814 and Lukas Ulmi will become the perfect place to discover art installations that become part of the city's landscape.