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The mobility company Cabify joins Urvanity Projects to revitalize cities through the reverse graffiti technique.

The artist Paul Curtis Moose has collaborated with Urvanity Projects on the occasion of the presentation of the new Cabify Foundation. The aim was to show how one can contribute to improve society in a different way through urban art with the technique "reverse graffiti", which takes advantage of polluted spaces to clean through the technique of pressurized water and thus claiming the degree of dirtiness of the cities.

The interventions carried out are located in various corners of the center of Madrid such as the Cebada market or the Parque de la Bombilla and the designs are inspired by natural motifs, claiming the importance and commitment that people and administrations that are part of the cities must acquire to contribute to the improvement of public spaces.

The reverse graffiti technique not only takes advantage of those sordid urban spaces of the cities to create art, but it also art, but it is also a good thermometer of pollution. The result of this technique will depend on the degree of activity of the space and the multiple factors that degrade the cities for the work to disappear.


About the Artist

Moose, or Paul Curtis, is originally from the north of England and for the past few decades has been living in Catalonia on an orange farm. This street artist has a very different agenda than most, as his art is generally made through simple acts of cleanup. His palettes are composed of mixtures of biological matter and pollution, and his canvases are the huge, grimy concrete walls that cover our cities.

He began cleaning the streets without asking permission in the 1990s, using only rags and old socks. He pioneered a process he called "REVERSE GRAFFITI," also known as clean art. The process used only cleaning and restoration techniques to create high contrast images and messages, turning the laws of graffiti upside down, this method is now used all over the world by artists and guerrilla marketing companies.