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This collaboration’s objective is to unite Urvanity’s and IQOS’ values in the Co_Lab Café in Madrid, a co-working where transformation, innovation and creative spirit are the protagonists.

Under this premises Urvanity, as curator, developed a series of actuation lines with national artists that promote the entrepreneurial spirit and the development of different disciplines.


Anna Taratiel


Anna Taratiel is a Spanish artist who started in the art world creating graffities under the artistic name OVNI. Her artistic education in design and mural technique inspired her to form a universe that conjures internal landscapes and raises metaphorical reflections about the environment. Expressed through abstract geometrics, it provokes emotions and impulses the perception of the spectator through the intense compositional, conceptual and technical relation it keeps with space and color. Mental cartographies that come to life to deal, starting at visual misleading with the ideas of structure, patron and variety, or, with the limit between the bi and tridimensional.

Anna Taratiel created a permanent artistic intervention, a work of art with an experimental geometrical character where colors and shapes form a complete piece that represents a vital generator point in the co-working.


Lauro Samblás & Iombi García


Lauro Samblás is a Canarian artist who uses techniques like collage, installations and muralism. Saturated colors, geometric shapes, eccentric combinations and fashion are the bases of his works.
After the exhibition of various works of his Magazine collection in New York he keeps an artistic balance where art and fashion go hand in hand to create new communication methods.

Our emotions are constantly conditioned by the things that surround us, the things we have and the things we wish to have. Objects form part of our identity and personality, we increasingly develop both worlds, the superficial and the spiritual.

Everything that surrounds us or that we own, marks and shapes us in some kind of way, which leads to humans being defined in function of the quantity and quality of the objects they own. The pleasure and the beauty of these objects and everything that surrounds us, being natural or artificial, is the key of the exhibition Jungle, presented by the artist Lauro Samblás in collaboration with the photographer Iombi Garcia and Urvanity Projects in IQOS’ new space in Madrid, an urban jungle where technology and nature embrace in harmony. The fetishism of the still live, the saturated colors, the order transmitted by the geometry and the chaos of the collage are the ingredients the artist presents in this exhibition, where art, fashion and advertising unite to one single language.

Photographer Iombi García