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UVNT Art Fair X LAS ROZAS VILLAGE unite in this edition for art by opening together a free way for artistic expression with the Public Art Program. A way to break the walls of the fair drawing a new axis of arte.

Madrid's Gran Vía hosted in different locations the sculptures of artists Yann Leto (Gran Vía with Alcalá), Albert Pinya (Gran Vía with Montera) and Avelino Sala (Plaza de Callao), from February 13 to 26. 


Simultaneously in Las Rozas Village, since February and in a scaled manner, seven artists have intervened the facades and boulevards with floral, textile, digital, ceramic and mural installations, writing a new chapter of Art meets Fashion that reinforces its support for art and talent, and that can be seen until early summer.

The selection of artists who have intervened this year Las Rozas Village, transforming it during these months into an outdoor art gallery, are: AkaCorleone, Cachetejack, Casa Antillón, Gema Polanco, Kokon by Ma Eugenia Diego, Paula Valdeón and Pau Jiménez (Urticae). UVNT Art Fair and Las Rozas Village join forces for the second consecutive year to strengthen their commitment to New Contemporary Art. On this occasion, UVNT ART FAIR X LAS ROZAS VILLAGE has drawn, during the month of February, a new axis of art from the center of Madrid to Las Rozas Village, reinforcing its commitment to create a Public Art Program.


The artist selected to carry out an individual art project in autumn as part of the UVNT Art Fair x Las Rozas Village collaboration has been Paula Valdeón.

Albert Pinya / Proverbio del Ojo

"The eye you see is not an eye because you see it, it is an eye because it sees you" Antonio Machado. This poetry, gives title to this sculptural proposal that is part of the series Pictorial Artifacts, initiated in 2018, in which the artist explores the transformation of painting beyond the canvas. Pinya is inspired by poetry to create his imaginary and in this case under a humanistic sense, he invites the viewer to reflect on the way we observe ourselves and our context, within an individualistic society. Pinya invites us to build collective and committed gazes that pursue common goals.

Avelino Sala / Naturalezas muertas

In this series of Naturalezas Muertas, -they are materialized sculpturally in vertical gardens, which seem alive but are made with preserved moss- those transcendental themes for the human being, linked to the environmental collapse. A way of giving corporeity, in the form of sculpture, to issues that concern us: we are robbed of hope, life and destiny, and we have hardly any time left, hardly any future.

Yann Leto / The round #4

Yann Leto's inspiration happens in the ring and he recreates boxing scenes in his works. For the first time, he has created a sculpture with this theme, titled The round #4, which is his fourth exhibition on this sport. For Leto, boxing is a representation of the artist's own condition, a struggle with himself, a solitary work in which a lot of dedication is exerted to obtain little recognition. Boxing, like art, is a way of communicating with the public, in which passion is the only leitmotiv to keep working.


AKACORLEONE is Pedro Campiche (1985, Lisbon), an artist who explores between analog and digital, defining him the use of color and shapes. He started with graffiti, illustration and muralism, becoming a multidisciplinary creator because of his obsession to experiment with new materials and techniques, taking art as a vehicle to understand and humanize the environment. AKACORLEONE shapes a future that reinvents itself daily through experiences, that wants to grow and reach other audiences, without ever losing its message, its voice or its strength.

CacheteJack / Mi cuerpo ¡Hell yeah!

CacheteJack is a duo of illustrators formed by Nuria Bellver (1988, Torrent, Valencia) and Raquel Fanjul (1988, Alcañiz, Teruel). Their illustrative universe is full of color, energy, humor and irony. CacheteJack's work adopts a fresh and unique style, working in a variety of media, including, among others; advertising, books, magazines, newspapers, clothing, murals, packaging, personal exhibitions... Nike, Burger King, Zara, Google, Apple... and many more are among his clients. CacheteJack combines reality with a peculiar point of view to create situations and environments close to the viewer.

Casa Antillón / _ to not fit in_

Casa Antillón is an art, architecture and design collective founded in Madrid in 2019 and formed by Ismael López, Yosi Negrín, Marta Ochoa and Emmanuel Álvarez, four architects from ETSAM, UPM. Since its inception, they began to develop among various self-managed cultural territories, understanding the spatial construction from the exhibition experimentation, social event and curating emerging art. As an architecture and design studio, they flow between different artistic areas, with a certain eagerness for the indefinition of formats and disciplines.

Gema Polanco / She, that confronts monsters and turns them into allies

Gema Polanco (1992, Valencia) is a visual artist. Her work, oriented to installation, also integrates textiles, drawing, music and photography. She questions the feminine heritage that imprisons women and categorizes them, always looking for new places, alter egos, that allow us to be who we want to be. Appropriating and allying herself with punk aesthetics, the rebellious and spontaneous, so that new forms of care, honest, accessible and peaceful, are possible.

KOKON Design / Pinkhouse Effect

KOKON Design is the personal project of artist and architect María Eugenia Diego (1989, Zamora), who revisits the link between human beings and beauty and nature, especially in the needy urban environment. The artist plays with this triad using natural elements, whose history and vegetal origin mark the leit-motiv of the installations, to design large-scale pieces and spaces that create a powerful connection with the viewer.

Paula Valdeón / De otra tierra

Paula Valdeón (1992, Badajoz) lives and works in Madrid. She is interested in the way we manage the decorative in our lives, exploring themes related to ordinary life and the inhabiting of spaces. Inspired by urban culture, she creates projects that dialogue about collective memory and aesthetics. Through her works, she invites the viewer to look at and read spaces in a different way during our everyday acts such as walking.

Pau Jiménez Urticae / MUFA

Paula Jiménez (1994, Ávila) also known as Urticae, is an artist and architect. Her interest focuses on human interaction with technology and the bond of intimacy that is generated between the two. Trying to lead this relationship to a non-anthropocentric world is her main goal. Her means of expression are varied, focusing mainly on 3D animation, augmented and virtual reality and the development and 3D printing of interactive pieces.

Filthy Luke / Jazz Hands

Filthy Luke (1982, Bristol) is an artist who creates unique and specific sculptures created according to the place where they will be installed, with the aim of instantly transforming everyday scenes into new and different ones. His main purpose is to make the world a more surreal and surprising place -a kind of revenge against the concrete world we live in- looking for the public's gaze and making them disconnect for a moment from their routine life.