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Urvanity LAB and artist Sergio Mora have teamed up with Loud! Electric Instruments to shape one of our first licensing projects. Introducing Space Cruiser, a limited edition art guitar.

Color, space and music merge in this handcrafted guitar made of premium tonewood. A futuristic retro cosmic aesthetic inspired by the 50's and 60's - the golden age of the electric guitar - with an optimistic (and somewhat naive) vision of the future; is added to a retro and comfortable shape that invites you to play, with high-end finishes and components. It has a unique vintage tone that will allow you to carry its roaring clarity and sustain across the universe.

Sergio's designs are, without a doubt, an instant amalgam between design and guitar shape, resulting in an object that transcends being just a piece of art, a cult object or a creative tool. A cosmic guitar that, like its artist, is one of a kind. 


If you want to get your hands on one, write to us at hello@urvanitylab.com.

Sergio Mora

Sergio Mora (Barcelona, 1975) is a daring, incisive, psychotropic and colourful kaleidoscope. This multidisciplinary artist, his prolific work, transports us to subversive worlds of fantastic creatures embodied in any of his production: painting, illustration, video, comic, performance, among others. An illusionist imaginary from which we discover a brilliant mythology mixed with fantasy and the spectacular. 


His personal artistic decalogue and above all his pictorial idiosyncrasy, have made him the greatest exponent of pop surrealism in the peninsula, leading him to exhibit internationally, edit books, publish in numerous magazines, advertising campaigns and other collaborations.

Loud! Electric Instruments

Loud! Electric Instruments was founded in 2019 by Daniel Gutierrez (also known as the musician and producer Daniel Maloso) along with Alejandro Torres, a 4th generation family luthier and craftsman in cabinetmaking and carpentry and founder of White Whale Guitars.


Daniel is Head of Design and Creative Director of the brand and Alejandro is the manufacturer of the instruments. Each guitar is handcrafted from start to finish by the same craftsman with attention to detail and using the finest materials, components, and woods available on the planet.

The New Dimension of Sound: Loud!

Retrofutura has been invaded by monstrous creatures who are trying to put an end to all the good music on the planet.

But Pink Punk and his loyal friend Robotus will fight the invasion with their powerful Loud! Guitars.

Pink Punk’s Stone Rider disintegrates those lousy bugs with its supersonic sound, just by playing the right riff.

Robotus makes their brain explode, with thunderous solos that surge out from his diabolical Space Cruiser.

Get out of here you damned space lizards!

Loud! Can take on anything!