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Together with the artist Juan Díaz-Faes and Madrid Capital de Moda we developed the campaign TODO ESTÁ EN MADRID to publicize the local stores in each neighborhood through bidi codes located on bus shelters and buses in the capital.

Madrid Capital de Moda, emerged as an initiative of the Madrid City Council to bring together those events and activities related to the world of fashion, beauty, art, decoration, gastronomy and lifestyle in general, which are held in the capital.

MCDM wanted to carry out a campaign in which to publicize the stores in each of the neighborhoods of central Madrid through a visual identity with which to cover buses and bus shelters under the name TODO ESTÁ EN MADRID and through a bidi code to discover the stores in the area.

For the proposal we bet on the artist Juan Díaz-Faes and his characteristic pattern graphics. This type of images accumulates a lot of information in an infinite space so that allowed us to adapt it to any format making each composition work equally well whether horizontal or vertical.

The main points to represent within the proposal were: fashion, food, hospitality, bookstores, gyms, beauty and options for children.

Through these patterns Díaz-Faes was able to make the viewer play with the campaign, trying to discover new elements each time the passerby came across it.

Juan Díaz Faes

Born in Oviedo, in the north of Spain, Juan Díaz-Faes presents his artistic production with an unpretentious look towards artistic creation and a fun visual language, giving life to friendly characters thanks to geometric shapes, lines and bustling patterns. He is in constant search of integrating colour in his work, without modifying the leading role of black.

Díaz-Faes explores his trademark patterns in new formats and artistic media such as sculpture, jewellery design or artificial intelligence.