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“Second Wind 2005” by James Turrell in Fundación NMAC

Jan. 24, 2023
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These days you will be able to enjoy the project “Second Wind, 2005” by the North American artist James Turrell.

The visit to the sunset of “Second Wind 2005” at the Montenmedio Foundation, becomes a spectacle of color in continuous metamorphosis, which the visitor will hardly forget. A praise to the light and the tonality of the sky at sunset, which attracts thousands of visitors every winter.

The Montenmedio Contemporánea Foundation offers visitors a unique experience in Spain, the light sequence “Second Wind 2005” by James Turrell.

The importance of “Second Wind 2005” lies in its ability to delve into the way in which light is experienced, as well as its ability to isolate these aspects and present them to the viewer. Rather than transmitting to the viewer what Turrell has discovered, he wants the viewer to discover it through his own experience. In this way, the artist offers the possibility of understanding the different aspects of light, solar energy and the behavior of the retina in the face of changes in light.


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