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Celebrating colleagues

Feb. 28, 2024

The independent boom magazine NEO2 has been collaborating with UVNT Art Fair as a media outlet since 2021 and has been supporting contemporary culture and visual arts since its inception in 1993. Founded by Ramón Fano, Javier Abio and Rubén Manrique, from its first issues, NEO2 stood out for its avant-garde approach and innovative style…. Read more » Continue reading

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“Second Wind 2005” by James Turrell in Fundación NMAC

Jan. 24, 2023

These days you will be able to enjoy the project “Second Wind, 2005” by the North American artist James Turrell. The visit to the sunset of “Second Wind 2005” at the Montenmedio Foundation, becomes a spectacle of color in continuous metamorphosis, which the visitor will hardly forget. A praise to the light and the tonality… Read more » Continue reading

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Desert X AlUla 2022: la belleza de la inmensidad

Feb. 18, 2022

La extraordinaria exposición Desert X AlUla invita al espectador a pasearse, a la vez que a contemplar, la obra de más de 15 artistas internacionales en pleno desierto de Alula. En el impresionante desierto de Alula, ubicado en el valle Al Mutadil, al noroeste Arabia Saudí, tiene lugar la segunda edición de la exposición Desert… Read more » Continue reading

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Transmediale 2022: sobre abandonar la esperanza o no

Jan. 31, 2022

Transmediale 2022: la exposición abandonad toda esperanza los que entréis aquí en display hasta el 18 de febrero en la AdK de Berlín, culmina un año de actividades del festival. Durante el último año, transmediale 2o22 ha trazado un recorrido por las políticas del rechazo, explorando su potencial para formar nuevas realidades sociopolíticas. Por eso,… Read more » Continue reading

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Haroshi, the skateboard sculptor

March 25, 2021

Japanese artist Haroshi creates unique hand-carved wooden pieces from various used skateboards glued together. Haroshi’s studio located in the center of Tokyo, is a very curious place, we could say it is a skateboard junkyard, it is full of hundreds of skateboards (ready to be recycled), tools and machinery with which Haroshi has created a… Read more » Continue reading

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‘Stagnant Stories’ by Martín Kazanietz

Feb. 12, 2021

Martín Kazanietz revisits the mobile photo gallery aesthetics to transfer it into his paintings. The installation at the Institut Français in Madrid by La Causa Galería allows us to move forward in the presented works as if it was a real Instagram stories reel.   Martin Kazanietz, also known as Gordopelota, comes to work his studio work… Read more » Continue reading