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Celebrating colleagues

Feb. 28, 2024
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The independent boom magazine NEO2 has been collaborating with UVNT Art Fair as a media outlet since 2021 and has been supporting contemporary culture and visual arts since its inception in 1993.

Founded by Ramón Fano, Javier Abio and Rubén Manrique, from its first issues, NEO2 stood out for its avant-garde approach and innovative style. With a fresh and provocative aesthetic, the magazine quickly became a reference for young creatives and lovers of alternative culture.

NEO2 addresses a wide range of topics, ranging from art and design to music and fashion. The magazine explores the latest trends, features interviews with leading artists and designers, and offers reviews of relevant events and exhibitions.

Over the years, the magazine has evolved and adapted to changes in the cultural landscape. It has managed to remain relevant and influential, constantly reinventing itself to meet the demands of its audience.The magazine has also gone beyond the national sphere, collaborating with renowned international artists and creatives. In addition to its print version, the medium has expanded its presence in the digital world, maintaining a strong online and social media presence.

Thus, NEO2 continues to be an important voice in the Spanish cultural scene, standing out for its unique outlook and its ability to discover and promote emerging talent. With its bold spirit and commitment to innovation, the magazine continues to be a key reference in the Spanish publishing scene and is more alive than ever.

During 2024 Neo2 will celebrate through different events its 30th anniversary NEO2X30, stay tuned.