burguer burguer


Agnese Guido

(Italy, 1982)

Lives and works in Milan, Italy

“Painting for me is like the invocation of the spirit of the white paper. Starting from observation, I choose clues from reality to get them out of boredom.The object in my paintings are something like human surrogates, they are like objects-subjects reflecting our personalities, flaws and desires, our fears and obsession with power, love or money, the things that make us great and a bit fucked up.There are definitely more disturbing things happening in reality than in my drawings, but I like watching things creating connection in between.I’m always looking for the dark or ironic side of life, It’s hard not to have it in your head, even if you’re working on some strange and funny drawing, reality comes in there.”My work currently ranges from gouache paintings on paper to ceramic, I don’t care about having a recognizable style, I’m interestered in telling stories.”