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Alfonso del Moral

(1992, Murcia)

Alfonso del Moral (Murcia, 1992) showed an interest in painting from an early age. His family, sensitive to this vocation, enrolled him in the Arlés painting academy where he trained with Pablo Hernando and Ana Vázquez in artistic expression for fifteen years. Later he met Pedro Cano, who became his teacher. Little by little, despite his youth and the fact that he combined his work as an artist with his studies in law, he gradually made a name for himself and finally managed to enter the art world in his city. After finishing his legal studies and a master's degree in law, he decided to devote himself to his passion and in 2017 he moved to Valencia to begin his studies in Fine Arts and thus complete his training. Her wide-ranging interests in other fields such as dance, music and history complement her cultural background and bring an interdisciplinary vision to her work.