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Amaya Suberviola

(1993, Navarra)

Amaya Suberviola (Mendavia, Navarra. 1993) graduated in Art, specializing in painting and graphics from the Public University of the Basque Country (2011-2015), where she also completed a master's degree in Painting (2016).

She was granted several awards and residencies such as the Navarra Artistic Studies Extension scholarship (2015 and 2016), the Nautilus residence (Lanzarote, 2017), Study Grant in Bilbaoarte (Bilbao, 2021), Ertibil Selection Award (Bilbao, 2021) Basque Government Artistic Production Grant (2021) or Vegap Production Grant (2021). She has shown her work in cities such as Bilbao (SC Gallery and Galería Lumbreras), Madrid (Sala Galileo), Amsterdam (Marian Cramer Projects), and Miami (Void Projects).

The core or central axis of her work today is the Screen Project which was born from the research around a method of configuring images through different windows within the computer screen. The desk is used as a virtual work table and the compositions are materialized in plastic works, translating the digital image into a pictorial language. Windows are container modules for images that can be enlarged or reduced, overlaid, mirrored or any of the limited actions that a computer preview allows. The purpose is to structure a composition that results in a specific image that meets your objectives. At a technical level, she is interested in discovering what aesthetic qualities this work process provides to painting and creating paintings from a world and a language that is not their own. The initiative of this proposal appears when an association is established between the formal characteristics that occur between this way of generating sketches and the qualities that Suberviola was already interested in painting. For example, the representation of space and its ability to cancel out through the superposition of images, or the construction of the motif within the limits of the frame itself, as if it were a capsule or container painting, as is the case with windows within screens of our technological devices, where different limited realities coexist.