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Ana Barriga

(Jerez, 1984)

Ana Barriga was born in Jerez, Spain in 1984. She is a graduate of Fine Arts from the University of Seville (Spain) in 2014, and completed a Masters in Idea and Production from the same university in 2014-15. In her art, she deals with themes of transcendental importance such as life, death, love, sex, or human relations. She uses humour, play, and irony to allow for unpredictable situations. She works with mixed media, using oil, enamel, felt pen, and spray, which she uses as an act of vandalism towards her own paintings, a hallmark in her work. All her work follows an identical process in her search for the balance of emotion and reason: she rescues objects that are aesthetically playful or cute and intervenes on them by disassembling and recontextualising them through her creative process. The result: a lively and colourful aesthetic which complements the relation between the definitive image and the title of the work, often eloquently punctuated and marked by irony.