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BeME (Bernardo Medina)

(San Juan, 1965)

BeMe (Bernardo Medina) is a visual artist, painter and sculptor, born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where he has been developing his professional career since 1997. Since 2006 he has participated in numerous art exhibitions in cities such as Miami, New York, Madrid, Santander and Havana. 

It is an exhibition inspired by the heart as a symbol par excellence of love, its different states and how it is reflected in Puerto Rican popular culture. The heart as a symbol captures the meaning of love and is accepted by all cultures, being a universally known icon, schematic and without details.

A taxi and its plastic sign, which indicates whether the vehicle is Free or Busy, and a journey through the city of Madrid... what seems to be a common scene, is for BeMe the inspiration from which this piece was born. A taxi that for the artist represents life. The life in which we continually travel, leaving our passage through the world and a mark in the history of others. While a Free or Busy sign symbolises the condition in which the feelings of those who get into the taxi are in. Do hearts get in that are Free or Busy? With this interactive piece of over 100 units you will be able to express it. This creation of 2 meters high and 2.20 meters wide will allow you to place the units as you like to communicate the state your heart is in; is it Free, Busy, Complicated, maybe undecided? BeMe gives you with its creation the opportunity to communicate this in a variety of ways. In the journey of your life, make your great contribution by interacting with this piece that will be exhibited at the Fábrica de Arte Cubano for the duration of the Havana Biennial.