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Carlos Pesudo

(Castellón, 1992)

Carlos Pesudo (Castellón, 1992) graduated in Fine Arts from the Universitat Politècnica de València in 2016. Politècnica de València in 2016. At the same university he subsequently studied the Master in Artistic Production. In 2014-2015 he obtained an exchange scholarship to to study at the University of Fine Arts in Budapest, Hungary. In 2018 she moved to Brazil after obtaining a postgraduate scholarship to study at the University of Fine Arts in Salvador, Bahia. of Salvador, Bahia. She has had several group exhibitions, both in Spain and internationally.

He has had solo exhibitions in venues such as Herrero de tejada gallery, Madrid, also in PRÁM, Prague, with residency and exhibition, in the Kevin Kavanagh gallery in Dublin and in the gallery Yusto Giner, Marbella. He has participated in the art festival Conquista Ruas, Brazil. In the Biennial Ciutat Vella Oberta 2017, held at IVAM, in Valencia, where he received an honourable mention for a video-art projection.

In 2019 he was awarded the Premio Marte Castellón by the Feria Marte. He has been awarded grants for various artistic residencies, the Culla Contemporánea de la Galería Colblanc's Culla Contemporánea de la Galeria Colblanc Espai d'Art, the Hàbitat Artístic Castelló grant, with a residency at La Rectoría, Barcelona, or the Visual Arts grant from the Dávalos Fletcher Dávalos Fletcher Foundation, with residence in SomoS, Berlin.

He has participated in fairs such as ESTAMPA, JUSTMAD and MARTE.

The artist proposes a cryptic language, in which he makes use of certain signs, elements or very basic forms, which are easily very basic signs, elements or forms, which are easily recognisable in his paintings but which take time to take time to assimilate in order to understand or interpret how and why they appear in his work. in his work.