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David Macho

(Spain, 1994)

Graduated in Art from the University of the Basque Country and with a Master’s degree in Art and Design Research from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, his artistic practice revolves around “bureaucratic plasticity”, Understanding his relationship with the system as an aesthetic problem.

In his first stage he worked on projects subsidised by institutions through grants and university agreements, but it was not until 2019 when he decided to disengage himself from this maelstrom that was dragging him towards the most absolute pre- cariousness and to opt for another path.

This consciously defeatist attitude was what made him stand out for his peculiar way of creating narratives, using criticism and cynicism as a means of presentation.

David Macho went from being an innocent being with illusion to an art mercenary with humour. Since then he has worked on a more personal project, making commis- sions for celebrities, or as he likes to call them: the contemporary court; among them Neil Harbinson, Luis Venegas, Paloma Wool, Rigoberta Bandini, Stacy Wall or Rosalia.

One of his most famous collaborations was a campaign for Gucci in 2020 featuring various artists from all over the world.