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Fausto Amundarain

(Venezuela, 1992)

Fausto Amundarain's work is based on the investigation of several referents. Initially his identity reflected in children's icons through different images related to comics and their stimulus of interpretation as a kind of reflective process, then the interest in the city and the passage of time in the elements of recognition of culture and mass consumption, as well as we could also mention among others his need in the investigation of artistic movements such as pop art and geometric abstraction in a critical synthesis that leads him to question the sacralized modern art.

With studies in art and design in the city of Caracas, and silkscreen printing, drawing and painting in New York City, he generates an artistic production of visual impact with strong interpretation stimuli of high technical elaboration and with great importance in the meticulous construction of his projects. At the same time, Amundarain is nourished by the systems of production in the social and political fields. Bringing to a two-dimensional plane electronically manipulated images, by graphic means of fragmentation of the point, starting from abstract planes, symbols, photographs, cartoons, veiled faces, signs, resources of chromatic saturation, in which he searches and experiments on the understanding of the electronic image and the pixel as an enlargement and window to the maximum detail.