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Fernándo Zúñiga

Fernando Zúñiga's work is shared between realism and abstraction, between the known and the unknown. Risk is an essential part of his creative process. Just as man needs his darkness to transcend, his work needs danger and destruction to be born. Painting is one of his active meditations, thus becoming a daily ritual with a myriad of meanings and symbols, which are captured in the work in an overt and sometimes hidden way.

This is how Fernando describes his creative process "when I paint I come into contact with myself, with my being, with my anger, with my violence, with my fears, with my joy, gestating and surfacing needs for freedom and oxygen, giving way to a constant game that becomes a challenge between the expected and the uncertain; painting is an excuse for evolution, a need for constant improvement, which in turn is reflected in the evolution of the painting itself. The moment in which a hand governs itself and detaches itself from the eye, at that precise moment the juiciest, the most interesting thing appears: the authentic. The apparent disappears and the invisible becomes visible.