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Fratelli Moca

(1982; 1980)

Alva graduated in advertising from the University of Segovia. He then moved to Madrid and studied design, animation and video post-production. In 2012 he received a Ramón Acín artistic creation grant from the Diputación de Huesca.

Chalo graduated as a graphic arts technician specialising in illustration at the Zaragoza School of Arts. He obtained a scholarship and finished his illustration studies in Milan, where he worked for the creative agency Dude.

They work both together and separately. With more than 12 years of experience in the audiovisual field, they have worked as art directors, graphic designers, illustrators and animators for various agencies and art and television production companies in Spain. Alva worked as an art designer for Pedro Almodóvar's "Los amantes pasajeros" and brought street art to Daniel Sánchez Arévalo's film "17", painting some walls for different scenes.

They have also taken their fresh and unique style to the street and its large walls, painting with or without permission, and have also participated in various urban art events and festivals.

In their role as visual artists, the Fratelli have curated a multitude of solo and group exhibitions. They actively collaborate with various art galleries and with their support have participated in different contemporary art fairs in Spain.

Currently, among other projects, they are in charge of the artistic direction of the social project "GUDWUD. Madera-Arte-Locura" with the Agustín Serrate Foundation. Gudwud produces furniture and functional interventions with recycled wood, made by users of the Foundation, people with mental health disorders. They were awarded by the B-Valeu social start-ups acceleration programme, organised by the Banco Sabadell Foundation in 2018.

Now they have their headquarters in Huesca, although they and their work have travelled all over the world: Italy, UK, Mexico, Peru, Chile, USA, Ecuador, Cuba... In 2019 they were awarded two artistic residencies, Alva at Espacio Portalet (on the border between Spain and France) and Chalo at the Plan8t Foundation in Changsha (China). For 2022 they will develop together a project for 3 months in Taiwan, invited by the PIER-2 Art Center.

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