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Hugo Alonso

(Spain, 1981)

Trained at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Salamanca and Rome, he develops exhibition projects of a heterogeneous nature. Initially pictorial, his work has been expanding into other fields such as video, sound or audiovisual installation.

Some of his individual projects are PRELUDE of a Sci-Fi Film Noir (Galerie Youn, Montreal, 2022), CRASH (Alzueta Gallery Madrid, 2022), AUDIO (Alzueta Gallery Turó, Barcelona, 2022), The white door (Llamazares Gallery, Gijón, 2021), Smells like teen spirit (Alzueta Gallery, Barcelona, 2021), UNDONE (DA2, Domus Artium 2002, 2020, Salamanca), November (Miquel Alzueta Gallery, Barcelona, 2017), RAW (Galerie Youn, Montreal, 2017), Pendulum (CEART, 2016, Madrid), Frederick Treves and the surgeon’s room (Salvador Díaz Gallery, Madrid, 2010) or Paintingdrome (DA2, Domus Artium 2002, 2007, Salamanca).

He has been part of group shows such as Protection No Longer Assured (Colección SOLO, Madrid, 2023), Intimate exchanges (Mon Dieu Projects, Los Angeles, California, 2023), Le jardin, miroir du monde (Château du Rivau, Loira, France, 2022), COME WHAT MAY (Aeroplastics Gallery, Brussels, 2021), The clown spirit (Ronny Van de Velde Gallery, Antwerp, 2020), Bailar de arquitectura (Fernán Gómez, Madrid, 2019), Las formas de la luz (Miquel Alzueta Gallery, Barcelona, 2019), TOC (DA2, Salamanca, 2016), Poétique quotidienne (Galerie Youn, Montreal, 2016), This is not a love song (Pera Museum, Estambul, 2015), La luz expandida: nuevas tecnologías en el videoarte español (Fundación Telefónica, Madrid, 2015), Arte y Videoclip (Loop Festival, Barcelona, 2012), Existencias (MUSAC, León, 2007) or Heterotopías (Oktogon HfBK, Dresde, 2007).

His recent highlight achievements are Colección SOLO Acquisition Award URVNT Art Fair 2023, Gold Medal International Exhibition Valdepeñas 2022, Art Madrid Noca Paper Best Solo Project 2016, Gaceta Fundation Young Painters Prize 2013, Young Art Castilla y León Institution 2011, Painting Prize Caja España 2008, Optica Videoart Prize 2008/2007 or Young Artists Prize Castilla y León Caja Burgos 2007.

He has been present in national and international contemporary art fairs such as ARCO, ZONA MACO, VOLTA, SEATTLE ART FAIR, ART TORONTO, ART PARIS, ART MIAMI, CONTEXT, ARTE SANTANDER, ESTAMPA or ART ON PAPER.

His work can be seen in public and private collections such as Colección SOLO, MUSAC, DA2, CAB, BMW Fundation, CEART, Pilar Citoler, Diputación de Salamanca, Gaceta Fundation, Caja España, Junta de Castilla y León, Bassat or Rucandio among others.

He was invited by The New York Times Magazine to create a specific artwork for the October 2017 cover.