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Janine Eggert

(1978, Lübeck)

JANINE EGGERT studied Visual Arts at the University of Fine Arts Hamburg and at Ar.Co, Çentro de Arte & Comunicaçao Visual, Lisbon. As an artist, she navigates between different media such as sculpture, installation, printmaking and video and works artistically both as an individual and as a duo together with Philipp Ricklefs since 2005. Her work has been exhibited internationally including in Zurich, New York, Miami, London and Valencia. Janine received a fellowship for a stay at the Villa Aurora Los Angeles in 2023.

In her artistic practice she deals extensively with the contradictory values of our time. Analyzing the designed and man-made world, she develops alternative concepts to established functions, economic requirements and patriarchal power structures while drawing from a wide range of techniques and materials.