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Leonardo Rodríguez-Pastrana

At only eight years old, Leonardo has been able to experience what it means to be an artist on a global level.

What for him is an entertainment, sometimes born between school desks, sometimes elaborated at home, has become in Asia, specifically in Korea, a fresh and unique work.

Among which stand out:
-KIAF (Korean International Art Fair)
-Art Busan
-Alleyway Gwanggyoo
Some of his works have been integrated with augmented reality, so that the animations come alive to the viewer from their phones or tablets.
Others have become fiberglass sculptures, such as the "dog" or Mickey's head.
In Spain his family organized together with PLOM GALLERY gallery, what was his first exhibition in 2017.

He has exhibited at the RED GALLERY in Mallorca along with names of the stature of Basquiat, Hirst, Rafa Macarron, etc.

He is currently part of the artists represented by VILLAZAN internationally.

His parents instead of taking him to painting classes, have taken him to artists' studios where he soaked first hand of what they do. Antonyo Marest has always been his best mentor.

His family places special emphasis on treating this talent as naturally as possible by letting Leonardo enjoy being a child, and they encourage art as a tool for play. 

As Picasso said: All children are born artists. The problem is how to remain artists as they grow up.

We can consider little Leonardo, a direct access from art to the children's world and vice versa.

Through him, not only many children become aware of art as a free creative interpretation and thus stimulated, they enjoy an extremely important discipline in the intellectual and emotional development. 

In addition, the viewer is opened to a new vision of children's potential.