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Los Bravú

(1989, Salamanca)

Los Bravú Dea Gómez (Salamanca, Spain 1989) and Diego Omil (Pontevedra, Spain 1988) are both graduates of Fine Arts from the University of Salamanca. They have worked together since 2012 under the name of “Los Bravú”, a Galician word used to refer to the smell of animals. They have developed their career through contemporary experimental comics where drawing, painting, sculpture and photography are interspersed.

Starting with their residency at the Spanish Academy in Rome, they have opened new horizons, developing a multidisciplinary exhibition project that, leaving the comic aside, reflects on the traditional rupture of the story through aesthetic and narrative resources that have emerged and are developed within the limits of the internet.

They deal with recurring themes, depicting a generational portrait within the framework of “millennials”. Themes such as how the public image is generated within the internet, how reality is shown, manipulated or encoded in the digital space, together with a research process around the relationship between different artistic disciplines and the web.