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Max Berry

(Australia, 1987)

The young Austalian artist Max Berry (Katherine NT, 1987. Australia) transports us to a particular and unusual world: the landscape; representing an idealised nature and, at the same time, very present in his daily life. We are talking about idyllic scenes in which the artist transforms, by means of nebulous forms and carefully chosen tones, their meaning, offering the spectator a very personal iconography, which brings to mind a kind of semi-fictional and naive vignettes. He is not interested in recalling naturalism in its most conventional sense, but arrives at it through the observation of his rural environment, creating his own language and iconography. In short, the artist invites the viewer to connect with his outside world and to cohabit these natural spaces of solitude and reflection.

With his visual language, everyday scenes are transformed into mirages, provoking an emotional response in the viewer. In this sense, Max Berry's images manage, through their forms, not only to freeze the moment but also to slow down time.

Max Berry came to Europe through My Name is Lolita in the exhibition "Energy is residual", which is once again supporting the work of this promising artist in the edition of Urvanity 2022.

His work can be found in international collections