burguer burguer


Max Weiss

(1995, Berlin)

Max Weiss was Born in 1995 in Berlin then moved to Nürnberg where he was raised. He is now doing his Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg (HFBK) in the class of Anselm Reyle. 


He works with an airbrush to create a digital look which is broken up by oil elements and different materials.


Through an ironic approach, max brings to life the characters Larry and Gina and how they approach the unpleasant events we all encounter in everyday life. 


Fears and worries such as relationship problems, rejection, loneliness and material hardships have a lightness through which the viewer can reflect on them without negativity.


By working with photos, the images always have a reference to the real world. The figures within the image are represented as dolls that only come alive through their eyes.