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Miguel Ángel Erba (Yeper)

(Valencia, 1994)

Miguel Ángel Erba (Valencia, 1994) graduated in Fine Arts and Design at Teeside University in Middlesbrough.

The street context, in which Miguel Ángel Erba has been immersed for years and where he began his beginnings in painting, will play a fundamental role in the development of his pictorial language and in his current artistic practice. A language characterised by a rapid and direct brushstroke and the use of a series of signs and symbols that form part of his personal imaginary.  In his work we also find a continuous reflection where he tries to delve into the relationship between the human being and the context that surrounds us: nature.

Gestures, movement and emotion are key aspects in his pictorial process, which arise from certain practices of mural and street art, where it is necessary to act with large formats and in the shortest possible time. In addition to this, he is influenced by the great languages of 20th century painting, from which he drinks and is influenced in a transversal way and always from a current reflection and interpretation.  One of his main motivations for the change of format is to create a personal language that shelters his artistic interests and concerns, giving him more time to reflect on painting.

For Miguel Ángel Erba, painting is a medium with which he can express himself in an absolutely sincere way, far from words and rational thought. 

The link between the human condition and nature allows him to create his own imaginary of stories and tales in which he incorporates influences from literature, music and cinema. 

Miguel Ángel Erba has participated in group exhibitions such as The Horses at the Herrero de Tejada gallery in Madrid, and in fairs such as Urvanity (Madrid) and Marte (Castellón). He is currently working on his first solo exhibition which will take place next December at the Galería Herrero de Tejada, Madrid.