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Pau Aguiló

(2002, Mallorca)

Pau Aguiló was born in Mallorca in August 2002 into a family with a very personal relationship with art. He grew up on the outskirts of Algaida, a village in the interior of the island. There, with no more contact with the world than a few illustrated books and historical films, Aguiló developed a passion for drawing as a game. To this day the use of imagination, nature and historical elements remain pillars of his work to which many others have been added throughout his life.

After a period in the city of Palma between the ages of ten and fifteen he developed an interest in the urban and exchanged pencils for graffiti cans. Before finishing his studies, he went to a remote village in Ireland where he spent a year, rediscovering his passion for the fine arts. Today he lives, studies and works in London.