burguer burguer


Rorro Berjano

(Spain, 1979)

Mérida, Spain, 1979. Lives and works in Seville.

Rorro Berjano is an artist who has always opened new dictions about initiatory experiences that kept him in contact, from the plastic and objectual possibilities, with Afro-Cuban ancestral culture and the social atmosphere that observed in its progressive approach to religious syncretism and Caribbean idiosyncrasy.

A particular focus draws on numerous elements that coincide in affirming, flatly, highly and transcendentally positioning around different formal precedents as street art, contemporary popular culture and primitivist aesthetic, filtered by the juxtaposition of ideas and records pictorial near the current collective imagination.

His creative engagement states categorically a palimpsest hyper-narrative consistency and phenomenological determination of folklore and the risks involved about make it closer to the anthropological knowledge poetry.