burguer burguer


Samuel Salcedo


Salcedo's works aim to emphasise the masked nature of human beings. An illusory, sometimes grotesque, often ridiculous but somehow decent condition of the postmodern citizen. His sculptures and characters always question the viewer with their subtle irony and vulnerability.

Salcedo's sculptural work is characterised by technical excellence. One can see his mastery in the diversity of the materials he uses (resin, wood, aluminium, bronze) and that he integrates painting, the discipline with which he began his career.

A graduate in Fine Arts, he studied at the University of Barcelona and at Manchester Metropolitan University in England. Since 1998 he has been exhibiting in galleries and participating in international art fairs with 3 Punts Galeria. Since then, he has had numerous exhibitions in Spain and abroad, and his works are included in several national and international art collections.