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Silvia Lermo

(1986, Cádiz)

Graduate in Fine Arts from the University of Seville, she currently lives and works between Seville and Madrid.

Her work has been shown in various solo and group exhibitions: at the Yusto Giner gallery, 100 kubik Cologne (Germany), Herrero de Tejada, Renace Contemporary Art, Diputación de Cádiz, Museo Carmen Thyssen (Málaga), Museo de Jaén, CAC Málaga, as well as at fairs such as Just Mad, Hybrid Art Fair, etc.

Among various awards are the Prize for Outstanding Work by Cultura Inquieta, Honourable Mention in the Arte Aparte XII competition and residency grants for creators such as Nautilus Lanzarote in the last year.

His project seems to refer us to a theatrical scene where the relationship he has with his past and how he transfers it to the present is the protagonist.

Lermo tries to move away from an extreme realism of things through figurative painting, imprinting his personal vision of reality and trying to find the balance between reason and heart, two contradictory worlds that, when they collide, generate an energy that interests him.

He realised that art was the only thing that made him move forward in his life and that he could achieve with painting or drawing what he could not achieve with words.