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Sol Kordich

(Argentina, 1995)

Argentinean artist born in 1995, lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Kordich explores the depths of her own existence, both on a conscious and unconscious level. Captivated by the mysterious force of painting, the artist investigates the expansive nature of feelings by composing infinite-layered paintings and conveying how profound our the inner self is. These paintings are a testimony of the senses.

Although the artist recalls painting from early age, Kordich begins her artistic path on a much-rational level studying Architecture at the University of Buenos Aires. Promptly, her practice becomes more abstract than structured and moves on to painting, conferring enormous protagonism to the line as main formal element on her early works. Soon enough these explorations grow and become fully abstract and Kordich frees the line from its traditional role of contouring, liberating the composition to an infinite rhythmic flow all across the paint surface with nothing but dynamic broad brushstrokes.

Kordich’s compositions are sophisticated and elegant. The artist glazes the canvas from its raw support and builds the work up through countless thin layers, highlighting a feeling of depth and luminosity in the work. The paintings are intense, full of movement and extremely delicate, achieved through soft arrangements of color and hues.

The artist explains painting is an act which is inseparable from her own biography. The dynamic and energetic process in which these paintings are born to life are vital to appreciate the work in full. They reflect physical and psychological movement because they are done in an almost performative rhythmic flow, like an ode to dance. Within the process there is much chaos. Nevertheless, the artist push through the painting to achieve harmony and cathartic liberation. In Kordich’s approach to painting the canvas is treated as an arena in which to act, involving her whole body not just the wrists and where the paintings become a lasting gesture of physical movement.