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Vicente Prieto Gaggero

(Chile, 1989)

Vicente Prieto Gaggero (b. 1989) is a visual artist and sculptor, Bachelor in Design and Master in Territory and Landscape from the Universidad Diego Portales.

Through the sculptural practice and the search and manipulation of the earthy and irregular qualities of clay, Prieto Gaggero experiments with the thoughts and emotions evoked by contrasting new techniques with the primitive expression of the material, constructing objects and imaginaries.

Conjugating the four elements - earth, water, air and fire - and going through different possible states of matter, his work crosses the heritage of mystery, love, beauty, wonder and contemporary human conflicts, finding a dynamic language between the material's past with new shapes and meanings, getting inspiration from Pre-Columbian art and pottery and including allusions to art Nouveau, neo-pop and cyberpunk.

In parallel to his artistic career, Prieto Gaggero works as a university instructor on clay work at the Creative Campus of the Universidad Andrés Bello (Santiago).

He has exhibited individually and collectively since 2014 in spaces in Chile, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico, the United States and Spain.

The artist is currently following specialisation studies in clay at the Escuela Massana in Barcelona through a Chile Crea fellowship.

Vicente Prieto Gaggero lives and works in Barcelona.