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Flavia Junqueira x UVNT Art Fair


As part of the special program, we welcomed Brazilian artist Flavia Junqueira who, represented by Reiners Contemporary Art, visited Spain for the first time to transform two iconic spaces in the center of Madrid, the neoclassical Fernán Nuñez Palace and the Santoña Palace, one of the most representative buildings of the architectural baroque. 

Madrid has had the pleasure of becoming the first stage in Europe where Flavia has carried out her site-specific art. Through the antithesis of historical heritage, Flavia Junqueira has materialized in the capital a dream narrative characterized by symbolism, placing the viewer in a universe full of spectacle and fantasy.

The palaces have been enveloped in Flavia's imaginative world. Brightly colored balloons, merry-go-round horses, childhood toys and stuffed animals are essential elements in Flavia's work, elements that create a visual poetry integrating the childish naivety and iconicity of the spaces where the photograph has been taken. 

These exclusive photographs taken in Madrid will transport Flavia's dreamlike world to all those attending the fair, as they will be exhibited for the first time at UVNT 2022.


About Flavia Junqueira

Flavia Junqueira (Sao Paulo, 1985), PhD in Visual Arts from the Institute of Arts of the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP), Master in Visual Poetics from the University of São Paulo (USP), postgraduate in photography and graduate in Fine Arts from the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP). 

The artist uses photography as a gateway to a fictitious world represented by fantastic and dreamlike elements. Those who witness her work are transported to universes of children's imagination, as through a play between the contrast between the decay and persistence of architectural buildings and the instantaneousness of the fictitious elements, many react to her creations by describing her photography as "a dream".


About Reiners Contemporary Art

Reiners Contemporary Art was inaugurated in Marbella in 2018 and strongly linked to the new German and Brazilian art scene, presents itself as a platform for contemporary art in all its forms and manifestations. It focuses on artists whose work stands out for its distinctive approach to reflect on our time and our society. The Marbella space aims to offer the viewer an unpretentious and immediate artistic experience that corresponds to the artists' fresh language and concepts. Special attention is paid to the social and political discourse between Europe and Latin America, as well as to young and outstanding Andalusian artists. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)