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FEBRUARY 24th 2022

The KLASSE Awards are given by the businessman, collector and sponsor, Jaime Colsa, to support the creation of artists and the divulgation role carried out by the fairs in spite of the situation of the pandemic. Jaime Colsa is founder and CEO of the Palibex transport network, a member of the 9915 Collectors' Association and a founding member of the Matador Club. 

The KLASSE Collection is made up of around a hundred works by contemporary artists, most of them Spanish, including Juan Uslé, Rafa Macarrón, Abraham Lacalle, Ana Barriga, Manuel León, Juan López, Santiago Ydañez, Javier Calleja, Marina Vargas, Javier Arce, Clara Sánchez, Belén Rodríguez, Matías Sanchez, Gorka Mohamed, Cristina Lama, Okuda and Eugenio Merino.

Along with this private collection, Jaime Colsa promotes another public collection, probably one of the largest in Spain of urban art, which arises as a result of combining his passion for art with his professional dedication to the transport and logistics sector.

In this sixth edition UVNT collaborates with the KLASSE collection through an acquisition award. An artist will be selected from among the participants in the fair, whose work will become part of the KLASSE Collection.

The winner of the prize will be announced on the day of the Preview of the fair, on 24 February. 


Winner of the 2022 award

"Use Masks" by Imon Boy, represented at UVNT 2022 by La Causa Galeria.