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Collections' Awards UVNT 2024

7th March 2024

With the aim of supporting contemporary creation and providing greater visibility to artists; prestigious collections, institutions and private foundations participate in the fair to award acquisition and residency prizes.

This year again we have the Colección MER, KELLS ART COLLECTION,  Casa de Indias and Fundació Carmen & Lluís Bassat with an acquisition award in which they will select an artist from the fair, whose work will become part of their art collections. The Aldebaran Collection will award its first acquisition prize.

Piramidón Centre d'Art Contemporani will award a residency and acquisition prize for the second year in a row and Montresso* Art Foundation will award a residency prize to an artist from the fair

MER Collection Acquisition Award
"Eros y Psique" by Horacio Quiroz with S Gallery.

Acquisition Prize Casa de Indias
"Sculpture for drug dealer" by Alberto Ardid with Arniches 26.
"Untitled" by Srger with Swinton Gallery.

KELLS Art Collection Acquisition Awards
"The Last Embrace IV" by Ela Fidalgo with La Bibi

Piramidón Centre Residency and Acquisition Award
"Los asesinos de la luna" by Pablo Castañeda with Berlin Galler

Montresso Foundation Residency Award
Alba Lorente with Arniches 26

Bassat Foundation Acquisition Award
Diptych "Lingum" + "(B-V)", Alba Lorente with Arniches 26
Installation "Between the greenbelt and the rest" by Terry Craven with Arniches 26
"Log in" by Hugo Alonso with Llamazares Gallery

Aldebarán Collection Acquisition Award
"074 de la serie punchilne" by Ray Medina with Espacio Líquido + La Gran