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Vuelven los Urvanity Mahou Talks con la vocación de generar discusión entorno al Nuevo Arte Contemporáneo y el espacio público. A día de hoy, el arte urbano se encuentra en una fase de innegable madurez, un movimiento cada vez más extenso en el tiempo, más relevante en la audiencia, más prolífico en la técnica y sobretodo más ramificado y complejo. La capacidad evolutiva de los distintos movimientos, los viejos y los nuevos, se manifiesta de forma fractal e imparable. La inevitable irrupción de la revolución digital, así como el enorme peso que está adquiriendo el storytelling y la documentación audiovisual en los proyectos (que además lo sitúan en un contexto de feroz crisis climática), hacen que cada vez sea más difícil mantener una mirada meramente unidireccional y ciertamente limitada.

  • Friday 28
  • Saturday 29
  • Sunday 1
  • COAM. Hortaleza street, 63

    5pm-6pm – THE NEW CHALLENGES OF THE SECTOR// B-MuralsFuriosa Gallery & La Causa Galeria

    The gallery of the 21st Century possesses new challenges and has new goals. To give visibility to new languages, to empower new discourses and to legitimize the artistic work above all, to promote and boost these new proposals within the Art market. These three independent gallery owners will give us first-hand information about their experiences, their aims and their way of approaching the projects.

    6pm-7pm – THERE IS NO ART WITHOUT RISK // Abel Iglesias, Ana Barriga and GVIIIE, artists

    They say Art, to be considered as such, must move. Others say it must disturb and then there are those who simply applaud its eternal search for beauty. But beyond its emotional, agitating or complacent capacity, there is one aspect that is very little remarked: its expeditiousness. Being expeditious and taking chances, sometimes literally, is an increasingly important trait for gaining relevance, notoriety and attention. In this meeting between daring artists we will throw questions into the air with the aim of discovering what is behind the work of those who constantly challenge their fears.

    7pm-8pm – CLIMATIC DUALISM // Sixe Paredes & Grip Face, artists

    Today, where contradictions of modern life clash with the welfare society, Art, once again, conforms itself as a tool of protest, along with other cultural manifestations, to create a movement of collective consciousness that makes noise in the face of the problem of climate change. Artists propose solutions for sustainable art in the presence of plastic oceans, air pollution or tons of waste. A dialogue between two artists who contribute with their grain of sand to the struggle.

  • COAM. Calle de Hortaleza, 63


    Visual documentation and audiovisual recording is an art that has walked hand in hand with urban art since its beginnings and has evolved notably until our days. The importance of the work of photographers, filmmakers and documentalists is key to this artistic movement that is always in transit and which essence lies in the ephemeral. The exercise of recording it, gives Art another life spreading and going viral into the social media and publications. In this journey we want to listen to the stories that are hidden behind the cameras that capture them, we want to understand the looks that illustrated what happened. Without them there would be no trace left.

    12pm-1pm – SOCIAL NARRATIVE, VISUAL IMPACTS // Jorge Rodríguez Gerada, artist

    The average video consumption through mobile devices is 7 videos per hour. The contemporary urban artist has at his disposal a multitude of audiovisual genres and treatments to approach his work depending on the focus: some treat it as an artistic work itself, others document these pieces as a video-artistic exercise, others document the process and others seek to increase the impact of their works.

    J.R.Gerada is one of the most narrative and humanist urban artists in the world. His endless exploration has led him to master the audiovisual component in order to provide the background behind his works which, beyond the striking image, always hides a greater story.

    1pm-2pm – AEROSOL FLASH FORWARD // Projection Miguel Angel Rolland, cinematographer. 

    In 2004 influencers, selfies and sprays cans probably already existed. We only didn’t use these names. We’d rather say ‘aerosols’. You can still hear this name today, but not as much as we heard it in the past. In this session we will travel back in time to observe the enormous evolution of this movement, not only in the field of Urban Art, its lexicon and aesthetics, but also its audiovisual documentation. Sixteen years after the premiere of what is considered the first great documentary on Urban Art in Spain, we talk with its creator. He’s no longer the same, the same way the main characters aren’t either…

    4pm-5pm – WALLS & WORDS // Mateo Macia (Global Street Art)Angie Kordic (Widewalls)Victor Celaya (All City Canvas) & Edith Vaisberg (Adhesivo Magazine) // Media Partners

    Apart from artists, documentary makers and filmmakers, there are also great motors of content creation related to the scene. Teams made up of communication and cultural professionals who work daily to give voice to all that is relevant in the scene. The specialized media are key in expanding the work of the authors and agents involved in this gigantic universe of urban and contemporary creation.

    4:40pm-5:20pm – MOMENTUM // Zane Meyer, Cinematographer & founder of Chop ‘Em Down Films

    ‘Momentum’ summarises the great aspirations of brands, institutions, politicians and artists of all disciplines. Achieving ‘momentum’ means getting public attention, media attention and what Warhol called ‘The 15 Minutes of Fame’. How to get your big ‘momentum’ in the Urban Art sector? Chop ‘Em Down Films knows well where to start from.

    5:30pm-6:30pm – THE OTHER ART BEHIND THE SCENES powered by Montana Colors // Martha CooperEnrique Escandell

    It would be much more difficult to understand the origin and evolution of Graffiti and Urban Art without having access to the exciting archives of so many photographers, videographers and documentary filmmakers who have dedicated their work, recording infinite experiences. There would probably be no trace if it wasn’t for them. In this session we will be able to learn first-hand the stories and urban myths hidden behind the cameras of these “other artists”.

    6:30pm-8:30pm – THE MAN WHO STOLE BANKSY // Projection Christian Amodeo, curator and screenwriter. 

    Urban artists who colonize and appropriate spaces to denounce social conflicts, taxi drivers who appropriate their art, public institutions that wish to appropriate some works while sanctioning others, and in the midst, the public disoriented by the constant contradictions about Urban Art. This documentary film is about the interesting journey to a very unknown context in Palestine and  the visit of the universally recognized Banksy. The controversy is served.

  • COAM. Hortaleza street, 63


    From the invention of the spoon to digital composition and creation, the technological evolution of the human being is experiencing its most vibrant moment with the birth of a generation 2.0 that is increasingly gaining prominence in the urban diaspora.

    12:30pm-2pm PUBLIC SPACE, DIGITAL SPACE // Diego Iglesias, founder of FART (Finding Art) + Daniel CanogarSolimán LópezMarian GarridoLola Zoido and Andrea Muniaín, artists.

    Based on the digital art project by FART and Urvanity, five digital artists with a great projection and inclination towards urban spaces will exhibit their different points of view, experiences and projects to bring us a little closer to the abstract conception of Digital Art in Public Space.

    5pm-6pm ART & FUTURE // Montxo Algora, ArtFutura Director

    ArtFutura is a visionary and pioneering project with a trajectory that has been able to consolidate itself as one of the greatest digital art events in the world. Its admirable vocation represents the will to always look ahead. Montxo Algora, after 30 years as the head of the project, will share his experiences and his vision of the evolution of this exciting artistic phenomenon.The best of digital creation at the hands of one of its main precursors.