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March 7th till 10th 2024

This edition of UVNT Art Fair marks our renewed collaboration with ABSOLUT, supporting artistic creation through partnership. This year, we showcase the works of three artists—Lola Zoido, Cesc Abad, and Carmen Mora. Influenced by the iconic ABSOLUT bottle that has inspired numerous creators, they have reimagined three legendary cocktails for the brand.

Lola Zoido, Cesc Abad, and Carmen Mora, each with their avant-garde artistic approach, drew inspiration from conceptual, aesthetic, historical, and emotional elements to transform the classic cocktails—Absolut Mule, Bloody Mary, and Vodka Tonic—into magnificent sculptures. These sculptures, embodying spontaneity, playfulness, freshness, and a hint of spice, become provocative art pieces that evoke a range of emotions, all in the name of the love of art.

At the fair, ABSOLUT will have a "gallery/cocktail bar" where attendees can savor these unique cocktails, explore the new artworks crafted by Lola, Cesc, and Carmen for this edition, and rediscover iconic pieces from the ABSOLUT Art Collection—a testament to their profound connection with contemporary artistic creation.

About Absolut* 

Absolut Vodka has been a trailblazer in establishing a close relationship between its brand and prominent contemporary artists. The company initially invested in emerging and relatively unknown creators due to their transgressive abilities and forward-thinking vision. For nearly 40 years, the brand has maintained and reinforced its commitment to promoting contemporary artistic creation, recognizing the transformative power of art on an individual level.

Since the 1980s, Absolut Vodka has blurred the lines between art and advertising, collaborating with over 550 artists across various disciplines. The iconic collaboration with Andy Warhol in 1985, resulting in the painting "ABSOLUT WARHOL," marked the beginning of The Absolut Company's engagement in the art world. These artistic partnerships have elevated Absolut Vodka to an icon, inspiring those who believe in the potency of creativity, strive for progress, and aim to make a positive impact.

Since its launch in the United States in 1979, Absolut Vodka has not only redefined the landscape of premium vodka but has also become synonymous with art, culture, and nightlife.



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