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March 7th till 10th 2024

K-Way has joined UVNT as a partner for the upcoming edition of the UVNT Art Fair, initiating a fresh dialogue between fashion and art. This collaboration will manifest through K-Way's active involvement in various moments of the Art Fair, where the brand will sponsor the creation of a showcased artwork. Additionally, K-Way will play a significant role in dressing the UVNT team and staff throughout the duration of the Fair.


About K-Way 

K-Way® has evolved into a fashion icon for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts since its inception in the heart of Paris in 1965. The brand disrupted the rainwear market by introducing the world's first lightweight, waterproof rain jacket that could be conveniently folded into a small bag.

From the vibrant and affordable rain jackets that captured the fashion industry's attention in the 1970s and 1980s to today's cutting-edge garments and accessories, K-Way® has consistently pioneered practical and functional fashion. Presently, K-Way® stands as a global brand with a footprint in more than 20 countries, appealing to a diverse clientele with its lively colors, bold prints, and unparalleled performance. Whether navigating rugged terrain, exploring bustling city streets, or simply seeking a reliable rain jacket, K-Way® has you covered.