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UVNT Art Fair x Las Rozas Village

FEBRUARY 24th-27th 2022

Creating a new art hotspot beyond the city center, UVNT Art Fair joins Las Rozas Village to curate the latest artistic initiative to support talent, transforming the Village into an open-air art gallery to showcase New Contemporary Art through murals and installations. Starting in February, this project will feature ten artists who will gradually create site-specific works in the Village until June. Rosh333 and Margalef have been the first two to intervene, and Margalef will be in charge of creating the Las Rozas Village booth inside the fair. In the coming weeks we will reveal all the details of this very special art project.
About Margalef

Margalef is a catalan visual artist based in Barcelona. Inspired by the graphics of public space, the artist experiments with architectural concepts through a material and ephemeral approach, exploring the boundaries beyond both fields. He incorporates a marked influence from the field of design that is manifested both in the definition of the compositions and in the deference for working with materials of an industrial nature. His works are presented in the format of series, installations or interventions in the public space, building new cartographies to interact with people and the environment.
About Las Rozas Village.
With its reputation for exquisite craftsmanship, refined over the years using only the finest materials and traditional techniques, Madrid lends its famous sense of excellence to the beautiful surroundings of Las Rozas Village, located at the foot of the sierra and just over half an hour from the capital. The exclusive and luxurious shopping experience includes more than 100 boutiques lining wide, open-air pedestrian boulevards, with discounts of up to 60% off the original recommended price on a selection of national and international brands, seven days a week, all year round.
Its architecture reflects a mix of international styles and offers refuge from the heat; shopping is combined with relaxing on an outdoor terrace, sampling tapas and enjoying the best sunset in Madrid. With new shopping protocols, the Village also has a variety of restaurants and cafes offering menus to suit all tastes, for a unique experience.
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